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Portrait picture of Coach Tim Brown

Tim Brown

Tim’s passion is helping people. He founded FunFit (now Personal Strength) in 2008 to do just that.
Whether you have a specific physical goal or just want to make life a little easier – Tim is there to help.
Along with strength and conditioning coaching, Tim’s special interests include Self Defence training for ‘at risk’ populations and has recently run local seminars and workshops with Ku-Ring-Gai Council Youth Services, BodyShape Female Fitness Centres and Neighbourhood Watch.


  • Completed – Lifeline Course: Recognise and respond to domestic & family violence
  • Currently enrolled in a Postgraduate Certificate in Domestic Violence Responses
  • Personal Defense Readiness (PDR) Fundamentals Coach (USA)
  • 5th Dan Black Belt and Teaching Licence in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu (Japan)
  • 2nd Dan Black Belt in Hoshin Jutsu (Street Self Defence Jujitsu)
  • 1st Dan Black Belt in Tai Sabaki Jutsu (Street Self Defence Jujutsu)
  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness (Personal Trainer and Children’s Trainer)
  • Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (ASCA) Level 1 Coach
  • Applied First Aid (Senior First Aid)
Nicky has always wanted to help people. She is a registered Psychologist with a particular interest in what environments, characteristics, and skills help people to flourish. Nicky has been studying Psychology since 2003, and researching and teaching psychology since 2008. She has specialised in motivation, decision-making, sleep, resilience, positive psychology and coaching, and psychology research and evaluation. Nicky has provided training and coaching in resilience to community members, and employees of large corporations and government bodies through her work for Resilience Research and Training Systems at Macquarie University (link the name to:

Relevant Qualifications:

  • PhD/Masters in Organisational Psychology
  • Bachelor of Science – Psychology (1st class honours)
  • Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training (2005)
  • Lifeline Course: CHCDFV001 Recognise and respond appropriately to domestic and family violence
  • Black belt in Ninjutsu

Attended training in:

  • Acceptance Committment Therapy (ACT) for Children, Parents, and Adults (4 days total)
  • Fundamentals of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Resilience
  • Mindfulness
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Bullying in schools
  • Positive psychology and coaching
  • Working with strengths

Dr Nicole Weeks

Sally Thompson

Sally has a passion for helping women exercise to help them reach weight loss andfitness goals and to provide pelvic floor safe exercise programs for women with a weak pelvic floor/bladder – due to childbirth, family history etc. or for those recovering from any pelvic surgery and to maintain bone strength for osteoporosis prevention (and to relieve the symptoms of menopause).


  • BAppSc (Health Education)
  • Certificate III & IV Personal Trainer (MMISS accredited fitness trainer)
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Applied First Aid (Senior First Aid)
  • For more about Sally and the Pelvic Floor Fitness Project click here

Jaclyn is passionate about teaching self-defence and encouraging others to feel empowered. She's currently studying physiotherapy full-time at university and in her spare time enjoys cooking a range of dishes, exploring the outdoors and travelling.

Jaclyn has 9 years experience in self defence training and enjoys combining theoretical and practical knowledge to help her students have fun and achieve a better understanding of effective technique. 


  • Brown Belt in Personal Strength Jujitsu
  • Yellow Belt in Tai Sabaki Jutsu
  • Currently Studying Physiotherapy
  • Applied First Aid (Senior First Aid)
Portrait picture of Jaclyn Kruger

Jaclyn Kruger

Portrait picture of Pranav Mehta

Pranav Mehta

Pranav has been training for 6 years and teaching for 2.  Combining practicality and humour, Pranav has a dedicated bunch of students in his Friday afternoon classes.


  • Brown Belt in Personal Strength Jujitsu
  • Applied First Aid (Senior First Aid)
  • Currently studying Computer Science and Nanotechnology

Tim loves martial arts.  Tim loves martial arts.  That's not a typo; it's emphasis!

Having started his martial journey, as a small boy, in Taekwondo, Tim has since studied at Personal Strength in the Ninja Kids program, and now the Teen Self Defence Jujitsu program and boxing sessions – as well as training in Kendo.  Tim loves martial arts – and this passion is evident to any who see him in action as an assistant in the kids classes.

You will find Tim active in his down time, on the mats, lifting weights, boxing and doing kettlebell workouts at home.


  • Brown Belt in Personal Strength Jujitsu
  • Applied First Aid (Senior First Aid)
Portrait picture of Tim Heasman

Tim Heasman

Zach Heasman

Before training at FunFit (now Personal Strength), Zach had previous training in Taekwondo. After moving on from Taekwondo, he delved into playing AFL. However, he felt the need to increase his fitness and physical confidence, so he started participating in the kid's fitness classes and has continued to train ever since. 

Zach is a regular participant in self-defence, fitness and weights sessions at Personal Strength. As well as being a fun and engaging ninja kids class instructor, he is also the Holiday Camp Coordinator. 

When not on the mats, Zach is playing the blues on his guitar or recording voice-over on the side. 


  • Purple Belt in Personal Strength Jujitsu
  • Applied First Aid (Senior First Aid)
  • Recently Completed HSC, Honour Roll for achieving Band 6 in Music 1
  • Studying Certificate III in Fitness at TAFE

Sam has been a wonderful addition to the Personal Strength Team.  Always thinking of new ways to engage young students, Sam combines fun and structure to help little ninjas thrive!

Sam's other interests include drama and stage, and their expertise extends to editing the Personal Strength Podcast!


  • Blue Belt in Personal Strength Jujitsu
  • Applied First Aid (Senior First Aid)
Portrait picture of Sam Stumbles

Sam Stumbles

Lachlan Heasman

Lachlan’s curiosity lead him to coaching via helping organisations improve their work in software development.

Coaching is about helping you change and grow. As your coach Lachlan works with you to help you understand what you want to achieve and how you can get there. Research has demonstrated that people being coached not only achieve their goals but also generally feel better or more satisfied with life. Lachlan’s top strengths (on Realise2) are Curiosity, Change Agent, Humour and Counterpoint, and if you are wondering what these mean he is happy to explain (another strength of his) over a coffee, barbell or break fall.


  • MSc in Coaching Psychology
  • BSc (Hons)
  • Realise2 Practitioner – Centre of Applied Positive Psychology Europe
  • ACT Practitioner – ACT Mindfully
  • Black Belt in Personal Strength Jujitsu

Narelle is passionate about promoting better movement, flexibility and strength to her clients through Pilates. Having had a difficult pregnancy and birth, Narelle found Pilates was critical to her rehabilitation, enabling her to be able to have pain free functional movement again. Coupled with her personal love for health and fitness, all this inspired her to take on the challenge to train as a Pilates Instructor. After working in demanding roles in the corporate world for over 24 years, Narelle understands the stress and ‘tech’ postures and how to improve them for reduced pain.

Narelle is a fully qualified Mat Pilates instructor and has been practicing Pilates for over 10 years. With a Bachelor of Arts and Honours degree in Psychology, Narelle understands the importance of the mind-body connection, a key tenant of Pilates. Her passion for Pilates is evident in her creative classes, teaching good alignment and technique, designed to challenge and encourage her clients to strive for their goals. Narelle is completing further studies in Pilates and looks forward to continuing her Pilates journey.

You will find Narelle active in her down time, in a Pilates mat or studio class, lifting weights or boxing and sweating it out or chasing her son around.


  • Mat Pilates instructor and has been practicing Pilates for over 10 years
  • Bachelor of Arts and Honours degree in Psychology

Narelle Borg

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We've helped many people take control of their lives and learn to lead a better, stronger and more fulfilled life etc.
Check out what our current and past clients had say!

Self Defence For Women
Tim’s workshop has provided me a great insight of defending myself in dangerous situations. It was comprehensive and easy to understand. Started with knowing nothing about self defence, I walked away with confidence of protecting myself in just 2 hours.
Vikki Song
Self Defence For Women
Tim’s self-defence class gave me the skills to be more confident in being able to protect myself as well as making me more aware of my surroundings and being able to read situations before they got out of hand. Thanks Tim.
Jackie Stokes
Self Defence For Women
I attended a Self Defence workshop for women yesterday. It was excellent!! I learnt so much and really enjoyed the whacking part of it!! Thank you, Tim!
Kathy Campbell
Adults Fitness
More than just a gym! I would highly recommend Personal Strength to anyone who is looking to gain strength and confidence as well as to anyone looking to improve their performance in other sports. As a distance runner, cyclist and dragon-boat racer,… read more
Lisa Mah
Adults Fitness
Tim, thanks again for your demo yesterday afternoon on using the foam roller. I was always under the impression that as long as you felt OK (i.e. no sore points) then that indicated that the body was basically relaxed. Your simple demo yesterday has blown… read more
John O.
Adults Fitness
Great private gym! Tim is friendly and approachable and the atmosphere of a Personal Strength session is quite unique! His experience and knowledge is beyond most trainers you’ll meet meaning that you’ll always get value for money and far more attention… read more
Rocky Huang
Adults Fitness
Tim is a transformational coach that I have being training with for last 8 years. Tim uses the principles functional fitness that develops fitness for everyday life. Tim has taken the best of different fitness methodologies to develop his own program…. read more
Adam Davis
Adults Fitness
Great local gym with a very welcoming environment. I’ve been training with Tim for years and I have always enjoyed his personalised approach which helped me to achieve my goals. Tim is always very encouraging and makes each training session challenging,… read more
Adults Fitness
Tim helped me turn around my health and fitness completely. After 27 years of inactivity, he showed me the way to a healthier, stronger and rewarding way of life, and all in such a short time. My hat’s off to you my friend.
Chris Raap
Personal Training
Tim’s personal approach and genuine concern for my well being and progress is unique, and his advice on diet, exercise and mental/emotional balance means I enjoy a well-rounded health regime. I have seen enormous benefits from attending FunFit and… read more
Mike Godfrey
Brandon Szeto
Been training in martial arts for 15 years, I appreciate the quality of Sensei Tim's instruction and the depth of his skill. Incredibly honoured to be a part of the academy
Brandon Szeto
Leo Li
Had no idea what i was getting into upon engaging this class for my daughter, at her own request.. But it's been the best few years worth of memories of our lives. For my little girl and for me as well ! Thank you very much sensei Tim🙏.
Leo Li
Nadia Batchelor
My daughter does kick boxing sessions weekly at personal strength. She enjoys the supportive and safe environment whilst having fun keeping fit. Tim has created a great space for young people to be the best version of themselves.
Nadia Batchelor
UPDATE: it's been almost 5 years since I left this review. We're still going strong! I'm still training with Tim 💪 My now 10-year-old son is still doing Ninjas classes 👍 Great local gym with a very welcoming environment. I've been training with Tim for almost 2 years and I always enjoyed his personalised approach which helped me to achieve my goals. Tim is always very encouraging and makes each training session challenging, but rewarding. Apart from training adults, Tim is excellent working with kids and my 5.5yo son is always looking forward for his next Little Ninjas classes, which he started as a 3-year-old. Kids classes are always fun, with a mix of games and various exercises teaching self-awareness and safety. I would definitely recommend FunFit to everyone.
Karen Wakil
Fantastic mix of fitness, self-defence and life skills in a fun environment. Builds confidence, respect and strength - both physical and mental - in the children. Highly recommend!
Karen Wakil
Estelle Demontrond-Box
My boy really enjoys Tim's teenagers' fitness classes: Tim is very encouraging and motivating and has a good sense of humour! The class is very energetic and fun! Highly recommend!
Estelle Demontrond-Box
Edward Kim
Tim always keeps the workouts fresh and interesting and was always committed to safety. Workouts were always challenging but catered to the level you were at. Never a boring session and looked forward to them always. Great community feel and music too! Only reason I'm not going anymore is because I moved to the other side of Sydney.
Edward Kim
Ruth Hawkins
Both my 4 year old girl and 6 year boy absolutely love the classes. They've done lots of other activities over the years but there's something about being a little ninja that makes them light up and they enjoy every minute of the class.
Ruth Hawkins
Michael Darcy
Great classes. My daughter loves them. They're a good mix of fun, fitness, knowledge and skills. An awesome find.
Michael Darcy
Pablo Lillo
Very friendly people and staff, classes are fun and engaging!
Pablo Lillo