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What Black Belt Attitude means when you’re 10

Black Belt Attitude.

This term is used a lot in martial arts. Especially with kids.
Let's have a look at what it means to a 10 year old in the kids ninjutsu program at FunFit.

What Black Belt Attitude means to me

by Douglas Cameron (age 10)

  • It means not harming or using your skills against anyone unless they are a threat to you or to the society
  • It means helping people out no matter if you know them or not
  • It means to keep training and attending classes
  • It means to not boast to anyone about your black belt
  • It means to wear your black belt with pride
  • It means to wear your black belt to all ninjutsu classes
  • It means to not be too silly in class
  • It means to try to complete all tasks presented unless you can’t due to an injury
  • It means to attend all classes unless you are sick or away from Sydney

Compare this to the principles of bushido.

bushido black belt attitude

(If for some reason the image doesn't load for you, the principles are:
Integrity, Respect, (Heroic) Courage, Honour, Compassion, Veracity (Honesty and Sincerity), (Duty and Loyalty).

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