Looking for birthday party ideas for your little one? Try a ninja birthday party!

Do you have a little one that likes to sneak around, or is madly into ninjago or teenage mutant ninja turtles?

Sensei Tim runs awesome martial arts style parties for children aged 5-12.
All ninja games are tried and tested for safety and fun!

Book a ninja birthday party that kids love!

On your child’s special day, a professional ninja appears to train them and their party guests in the ancient arts of Ninjutsu. Kids can take part without previous martial arts experience. There are various fun, age-appropriate ninja-themed games and activities. As a result they’ll learn how to do true ninja training by practicing skills of balance, speed, dodging, escapes and stealth – all while having fun. No child is sitting out watching the others play since all games are designed to be all inclusive.

Included in the service are:

  • Party invitations
  • A “Happy Ninja Birthday” banner for the duration of the function
  • Party host (Sensei Tim) in Ninja Uniform
  • Ninja Headbands to keep and take home
  • Personalised certificate of attendance for each guest (names of guests required)
  • “Ninjabread” cookies available (optional extra)

Make your child’s next birthday party a ninja party. It might just be the best fun you have ever seen!

Ninja Party at our Dojo (Gordon)

(1 hour)
$ 220

Ninja Party at our Dojo (Gordon)

(1 1/2 hours)
$ 275

Ninja Party at our Dojo (Gordon)

(2 hours)
$ 330

Ninja Party Off Site

(At your location)
$ +120