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Ninja Birthday Party that kids love!

Ninja Birthday

Party that kids love!

Do you have a little one that likes to sneak around, or is madly into ninjago or teenage mutant ninja turtles?

Sensei Tim runs awesome martial arts style parties for children aged 5-12.
All ninja games are tried and tested for safety and fun!

Book a ninja birthday party that kids love!

On your child’s special day, a professional ninja appears to train them and their party guests in the ancient arts of Ninjutsu. Kids can take part without previous martial arts experience. There are various fun, age-appropriate ninja-themed games and activities. As a result they’ll learn how to do true ninja training by practicing skills of balance, speed, dodging, escapes and stealth – all while having fun. No child is sitting out watching the others play since all games are designed to be all inclusive.

Included in the service are:

  • Party invitations
  • A “Happy Ninja Birthday” banner for the duration of the function
  • Party host (Sensei Tim) in Ninja Uniform
  • Ninja Headbands to keep and take home
  • Personalised certificate of attendance for each guest (names of guests required)
  • “Ninjabread” cookies available (optional extra)

Make your child’s next birthday party a ninja party. It might just be the best fun you have ever seeen!

Ninja Party at our Dojo (Gordon)
(1 hour)


Ninja Party at our Dojo (Gordon)
(1 1/2 hours)


Ninja Party at our Dojo (Gordon)
(2 hours)


Ninja Party Off Site
(At your location)


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Dear Tim, I just wanted to say how delighted/proud Eddie was to have “graded” yesterday. He was demonstrating various things to his father last night (while Andrew was trying to eat his dinner!). He is really enjoying ninja and fitness classes. So… read more
Tracey Coster
Apart from training adults, Tim is excellent working with kids and my 5.5yo son is always looking forward for his next Little Ninjas class. Kids classes are always fun, with a mix of games and various exercises teaching self-awareness and safety. I would… read more
My children have been going to Tim for over two years and they absolutely love it! I think that for boys to be able to defend themselves by learning how to avoid being hurt and also not hurting back is invaluable. I have been impressed by how Tim teaches… read more
Lisa Marriner
Tim teaches my 5 year old daughter and 7 year old son Ninjutsu and they both love it. He teaches the ninja moves, protecting themselves, safety awareness and discipline amongst other things but above all they have fun playing games whilst learning. It’s… read more
Charlotte Lee
Absolutely love Personal Strength! My son has been going for over 2 years now and loves it! Tim is amazing with the kids. He has this amazing ability to keep calm and order in his classes even when the kids can get silly and disruptive. Highly recommend.
Bianca Jensen
MY CHILDREN LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! All three of my children (2 boys and a girl) can’t wait to get to class – they have never laughed so much while learning something that’s so important – I’m sure they don’t even realise how much they are learning…. read more
Vanessa Free
Very happy with all aspects of Personal Strength. Tim is brilliant with the kids and makes training fun. Highly recommended
Darren L