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Self Defence Short-Course
for Women

Self Defence Short-Course

for Women

This Self Defence Short-Course for Women builds on the skills and principles of the Workshop. However, attendence at a Workshop is NOT a prerequisite for attendance.

Many Workshop attendees really valued the content, and wanted an opportunity to practice. This is it!

Courage is not
the Absence of Fear

It is the presence of fear
yet the will to continue!

Studies show a relationship between self defence or assertiveness training and women’s physical and psychological responses to subsequent attacks.

Victims with pre-assault training were less likely to be assaulted (1) and more likely to resist (2). Further, that resistance stopped the offender or made him less aggressive than victims without training (2). Women with training before the assaults were angrier and less scared during the incident than women without training (2). Learning self defence skills can make a difference. Keeping them sharp and effective can change lives.

Learn & Practice:

  • Specific scenarios, relevant to you
  • Strategies and tactics
  • Mental & Emotional preparation
  • Opportunity to train with intensity – safely
  • Effective physical techniques and targets

What you can expect:

  • A friendly and supportive environment
  • An instructor with over 15 years experience
  • Empowerment, not mansplaining!
  • Dispelling of martial arts ‘myths’
  • To walk out more confident and more competent

Who: Women wanting to revise, practice and build on the physical skills from their Workshop!

Where: FunFit: Functional Fitness & Self Defence Centre

When: Short courses run about every 3 months. Click the button below to register your interest for the next short course.

Cost: $100 pp for 4 x 1 hour sessions

Our Clients


We’ve helped many people take control of their lives and learn to lead a better, stronger and more fulfilled life.
Check out what our current and past clients had say!

Self Defence For Women
Tim’s workshop has provided me a great insight of defending myself in dangerous situations. It was comprehensive and easy to understand. Started with knowing nothing about self defence, I walked away with confidence of protecting myself in just 2 hours.
Vikki Song
Self Defence For Women
Tim’s self-defence class gave me the skills to be more confident in being able to protect myself as well as making me more aware of my surroundings and being able to read situations before they got out of hand. Thanks Tim.
Jackie Stokes
Self Defence For Women
I attended a Self Defence workshop for women yesterday. It was excellent!! I learnt so much and really enjoyed the whacking part of it!! Thank you, Tim!
Kathy Campbell

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