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Self Defence Package

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Self Defence Package

Self defence isn’t just about defending yourself if you are attacked. Self defence starts with seeking respect in everyday interactions. It is about recognising what is important to you, standing up for your rights, and voicing your preferences. Self defence includes recognising when you need to put your defences up and when it is safe to let people in. This suite of workshops provides the foundational self defence skills towards building respectful relationships with friends, family, and colleagues, identifying interactions that pose threat, and defending yourself.

Communicating with Strength

Communicating with strength is a workshop about being yourself, protecting yourself, and building strong, respectful relationships with friends, family, and co-workers, at home, at work, and at school. It complements the women's safety and red-flags and self-defence workshops, and is the first step towards fostering meaningful and safe interactions and relationships.

  • What boundaries are and why you need them
  • Know yourself
  • Communicating boundaries
  • Recognising and respecting boundaries
What you will learn
  • To notice boundary errors and violations.
  • To tune in to what is important.
  • To state and enforce clear boundaries, safely, while maintaining the relationship if you want to.
  • Recognise, respect, and discuss other people's boundaries.

The Safe Series

Party-safe, Date-safe, Travel-safe, and Workplace-safe workshops help women to recognise, avoid, and respond to danger at parties, on dates, when traveling, and working. These workshops empower women to get what they want out of life, safely. By recognising danger early, and having thought about it in advance, women can enact safety plans when needed, rather than restricting their life all the time.

  • Myth-busting
  • Listening to your feelings
  • Red flags (warning signs)
  • Safety habits
  • Acting on red flags
What you will learn
  • How to listen to your feelings and distinguish well-founded fear from un-founded anxiety.
  • Spotting red flags and risk factors so you can be vigilent when you need to, not all the time.
  • Build everyday safety-habits that are non-restrictive, but minimise risk and maximise escape routes.
  • What to do when you spot red flags.
  • Physical self-defence basics.

Women's Self Defence

Learn skills that could protect you and your family from harm. Workshops provide a friendly, safe environment to learn very important skills, including avoidance, de-escalation, and escape from potentially dangerous situations.

Studies show a relationship between self defence or assertiveness training and women’s physical and psychological responses to subsequent attacks.

Victims with pre-assault training were less likely to be assaulted (1) and more likely to resist (2). Further, that resistance stopped the offender or made him less aggressive than victims without training (2). Women with training before the assaults were angrier and less scared during the incident than women without training (2). Learning self defence skills can make a difference.

  • Strategies and tactics
  • Psychological preparation
  • Verbal de-escalation skills
  • Effective physical techniques
  • Specific scenarios, relevant to you
What you will learn
  • How to be confident but not foolish
  • How to avoid different types of attacks and dangerous situations
  • How to talk your way out safely
  • How to maintain physical boundaries
  • Effective striking and vulnerable targets
  • Strategies to lower the odds of you being attacked: ‘Target Hardening’.
  • Strategies for raising your odds of survival if you are attacked: Fight back hard; get away as soon as you can.

Workshop details

Workshops are 2 hours each. They are run regularly at Personal Strength, and can be run by appointment for 6 or more people at Personal Strength, or at your venue.

All workshops are appropriate for women, teenagers, and girls from 4th grade up. Communicating with Strength is also appropriate for men and boys from 4th grade up.

To register interest

To register interest, ask questions, or enquire about Parent and Teen workshops, or hosting these workshops at your school or workplace email Nicky or register your interest by clicking the button above.


  • $50 each ($25 for returning participants), 
  • $90 for two workshops, 
  • $120 for all three workshops 

(Enquire about family discounts).

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Self Defence
There are many skills we can learn in life. I have found self defence training a value skill in my life. For me it more than the physical skills but the mental and people skills. Self Defence training has given me the confidence to speak up when I have… read more
Adam Davis
Self Defence
Tim was an excellent speaker at our local Gordon Area 24/12 Neighbourhood Watch AGM. He spoke about personal safety issues and self defence strategies.
Julia Eagles – Neighbourhood Watch Gordon Area Coordinator
Self Defence
Thank you, Tim, for an interesting, useful and entertaining presentation. You came over as very professional, well-informed and easy to follow. Everyone said they appreciated your talk. You did a great job and I shall make sure other NHW groups know…. read more
Barbara J. – Neighbourhood Watch