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Please click here if you want to know when the following workshops are running. All workshops are designed and run by appropriately qualified professionals. Tim is a Level 1 Australian Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Coach, has his Cert IV in Fitness, 5th Dan Black Belt and has been teaching martial arts since 2001, Nicky is a PhD and Masters-qualified registered psychologist who has been working in psychology research and practice since 2008, Nicky also has a black belt.

Some of these workshops are still being developed. Please register your interest and tell us what workshops you want and why to help us prioritise our efforts.

Self Defence for Women

This workshop provides scenario-based mental, verbal, and physical self defence skills for women. Studies show that victims with self-defence training are less likely to be assaulted, more likely to resist, and feel more anger and less fear during an attack. Attackers are ALWAYS to blame for attacks, but self-defence training can make a difference to your personal safety. Mothers and daughters workshops are also available by arrangement.

Communicating with Strength (Assertiveness Skills)

Do you support your family and friends until you have no energy left for yourself? Are you a people-pleaser who will neglect your own needs to please others? Or do you struggle to say no, or express what you need? This workshop is for you. Communicating with strength is a workshop about being yourself, protecting yourself, and building strong, respectful relationships with friends, family, and co-workers, at home, at work, and at school.

Safety and Red Flags for Women

This workshop is for women and teenage girls who want to learn to: Spot red flags and risk factors so they can be vigilant when needed, not all the time, listen to their feelings and distinguish well-founded fear from un-founded anxiety, build everyday safety-habits while maintaining autonomy and freedom, respond to warning signs. This workshop complements the Women’s Self Defence and Communicating with Strength workshops.


Resilience is built through stressful experiences, just as muscles are built through strain. This course teaches good mental techniques for coping with stressful experiences so that we can build our resilience and avoid injury. Every phase of life presents new challenges.

Finding your direction (Goal-setting 1)

For people who have a big decision to make and want to explore the best direction for them, or who feel that something is missing from their life and want to discover what it is (teenagers and adults). This single 2-hour workshop will help you identify what is important to you, what strengths you bring, and then you can choose to A: identify a life area with the most potential for improvement, or B: Identify careers with the best match for your individual values and strengths.

Make it happen (Goal-setting 2)

This workshop is for people who have a change they want to make, such as weight loss, healthy eating, regular exercise, or even taking up a hobby, but they are struggling to change or to stick to the change. This workshop will help you to make that happen.

Bully protection

These workshops will be for children who have been the target of bullying. They will help children to enhance their resilience and assertiveness skills, develop techniques to respond to mean words and actions, build problem-solving skills, and promote healthy friendships.

Personal Training (in the above)

For the time poor or those not wanting to share personal info in a group, workshops can be delivered one on one by appointment. Content will be tailored to your personal needs.

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We’ve helped many people take control of their lives and learn to lead a better, stronger and more fulfilled life.
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Self Defence
There are many skills we can learn in life. I have found self defence training a value skill in my life. For me it more than the physical skills but the mental and people skills. Self Defence training has given me the confidence to speak up when I have… read more
Adam Davis
Self Defence
Tim was an excellent speaker at our local Gordon Area 24/12 Neighbourhood Watch AGM. He spoke about personal safety issues and self defence strategies.
Julia Eagles – Neighbourhood Watch Gordon Area Coordinator
Self Defence
Thank you, Tim, for an interesting, useful and entertaining presentation. You came over as very professional, well-informed and easy to follow. Everyone said they appreciated your talk. You did a great job and I shall make sure other NHW groups know…. read more
Barbara J. – Neighbourhood Watch