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Tai Sabaki Jutsu

Learn Effective Self Defence

Tai Sabaki Jutsu

You can learn effective self defence. Train in Tai Sabaki Jutsu.

Tai Sabaki Jutsu is a form of self-defence that is built upon the cornerstones of good footwork and body movement. You learn how to evade and control an attacker and this allows you to defend yourself on your terms.

Tai Sabaki purposefully combines an array of simple skills to execute highly effective self defence. Since non-violent responses and physical techniques are taught, there are a variety of options and can all be administered with great effect and confidence.

Learn how to move quickly and safely to an attacker’s blind side. As a result you can take the attacker’s balance and structure. This places you in prime position to control the outcome of an attack, irrespective of the physical size or strength of the attacker. This is especially relevant to smaller defenders.

Student progress is rapid as there is a focus on skills that are simple to execute.

Students have fun in class and there is a strong focus on progressive skill development and body conditioning.

Classes are at Personal Strength at 7:45pm on Wednesdays.
See the whole Personal Strength Timetable here.

Classes run for an hour and a half but quite often run longer due to student enthusiasm!

You can come for 2 FREE trial classes.

Image showing a women practicing self defence.

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Self Defence
There are many skills we can learn in life. I have found self defence training a value skill in my life. For me it more than the physical skills but the mental and people skills. Self Defence training has given me the confidence to speak up when I have… read more
Adam Davis
Self Defence
Tim was an excellent speaker at our local Gordon Area 24/12 Neighbourhood Watch AGM. He spoke about personal safety issues and self defence strategies.
Julia Eagles – Neighbourhood Watch Gordon Area Coordinator
Self Defence
Thank you, Tim, for an interesting, useful and entertaining presentation. You came over as very professional, well-informed and easy to follow. Everyone said they appreciated your talk. You did a great job and I shall make sure other NHW groups know…. read more
Barbara J. – Neighbourhood Watch